Look Good Naked Training Grounds, or LGN for short, is a social fitness company that creates fun and effective workouts with friends. We do it by utilizing functional training equipment such as TRX, ViPR’s and Power Plates and more. With superior programming and a holistic approach that includes nutrition and support groups, we are the best in Hong Kong for running results driven programs with specific start and end dates. Our classes are consistently the most innovative and exciting, while at the same time designed to improve strength, conditioning, and mobility. Our services are not limited to the time that clients spend working out with us – That means that we take care of EVERYTHING the client needs in order to live a healthy lifestyle. This ranges from exercise to nutrition and the support that we give them in their journey to health. In short, we want you to have fun, make friends… and of course see results and LOOK GOOD NAKED!


We offer all round fitness by focusing on 3 areas: Mobility, Cardio and Strength.What are these things? Put simply:


We’re talking about ‘Integrated Functional Strength’. This means teaching the body to use the right muscles, in the right combination and in the right sequence. It’s like when you play tug of war or yank a stuck door open – you might think it’s arm strength when, in fact, you have to plant your foot to leverage off your lower body while extending and pulling through your back to get the job done efficiently. That’s strength!


Mobility is about improving your range of motion with strength and control. It’s like when you wind up to throw a ball- if your shoulder has good mobility you’ll be able to bring your arm back for the wind up and then follow through with a full range of motion without popping your shoulder.


Cardiovascular exercise is activity that makes your body use more oxygen – this makes your heart and lungs stronger, burns calories and helps you play longer and harder.