Patrick Kammerer

From tackling the hardcore obstacles of Tough Mudder to the test subject of a couple of sports studies Patrick is always looking for fitness challenges. He has excelled at sports from an early age and has always been eager to try something new. Dodgeball is his latest passion, but he counts soccer, rugby, basketball and martial arts among pursuits that, at an amateur level, have taken him to competitions from Shang-Hai to Singapore and Sydney.


After earning his degree in sport studies and journalism Patrick chose to be a Personal Trainer because he enjoyed helping his clients try new exercises and push their limits to live a fitter and healthier lifestyle. After completing the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Personal Training course he is now very excited to be working towards PTA global. .

Patrick is extremely passionate when it comes to training his clients. He is very attentive and diligent in learning training principles and constantly reviews his material in order to consistently write highly effective exercise programs for his students.


Patrick will research the conditions of his clients so that he fully understands their situation and goes on to prescribe the most appropriate and effective exercises to maximize their time together in order to get great results. 

2010 - present

2010 - present