Client Testimonial: Andrew

Here at LGN we make our clients’ goals and needs our #1 priority and this helps us become fitness instructors who understand our clients and tailor classes to meet their needs. It seems our hard work has touched the life of LGN member Andrew Loo, a pilates advocate and filmmaker from New York who’s been an LGN member since 2013. Andrew writes:

“Have you ever taken a fitness class and discovered THAT one instructor, the guy (or gal) who, no matter if the company offers you 50 free classes with other instructors, you still quietly sign up for THAT instructor anyways? Well, Adrian is THAT instructor, when it comes to interval/TRX/Vipr/Rip training. Put another way, interval training can and does change your body, but interval training with Adrian changes your life.”

Thanks for the glowing review, Andrew!

Do you have an LGN success story to share? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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