Learn to FLY for Valentine’s Day (Part I)

Today, I want to share with you some exercises in self-love as loving yourself will not only make you a happier person it can have a huge positive impact on those surrounding you. I’ll start with one suggestion:

#1: be kinder to yourself. You may have ‘shortcomings’ (work on them where you can) but accept your perfect imperfections and focus on your many positive qualities, like your unique strengths and abilities.

If you liked those suggestions then read on for a list of 8 ways to FLY – First Love Yourself.

Learning to Fly. Part I: Body and Heart

Listen to your body – your body is constantly providing feedback, so pay attention

Exercise often – and remember mobility is just as, if not more, important than strength and cardio

Eat clean and keep hydrated – eat whole and fresh foods and drink plenty of water

Rest – ensure you’re getting your required quantity and quality

Discover what pleases you – stop living to please other people, do what makes you feel inspired, hopeful and happy

Focus on the positive – just like laughter, a positive attitude or smile is highly contagious

Connect with others – recognise those that love you and express your love regularly

Schedule something new that’s big and exciting - Celebrate your successes, learn from your mistakes, but don’t live in the past

Do any of the above speak to you? Choose one and try to FLY over this special week of Eastern and Western Valentines.

Post written by Louis Huynh

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