Learning to FLY for Valentine’s Day (Part II)

This week we’ll look at ways the mind and soul can FLY, as Part II of the Learning to FLY Series. Check out the simple yet challenging tips below and let us know how you FLY in the comments section below!

Be mindful – switch off auto-pilot to truly appreciate life.

Seek continual improvement – do things your future self will thank you for.

Learn from others – read, listen to podcasts, attend a Massive Open Online Course. Find what works for you.

Be open to and prepared for change – accept uncertainty and replace anxious thoughts with positive anticipation.

Be grateful – this has the power to change all our relationships and our life; find pleasure in simple things and see for yourself how deeply satisfying this can be.

Get in touch with what you care about – determine who or what truly matters to you and allocate your time and energy accordingly.

Stay honest – to yourself and everyone else. Be faithful, kind, and do the right thing; It’s a much less complicated way to live.

Recharge – meditate, reflect, or journal. Find a way to recharge yourself regularly.

Same deal as last week, pick at least one thing and try to FLY with it over the next week. Good Luck!

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