Client Testimonials

Associate at Real Estate Developer

​​“Before I started training with Adrian, I was already doing a lot of sports and was very active.  I was frustrated cause I wanted to work for a balanced and fit body rather than just having fun on sports but didn’t know how to exercise more than what I was doing.  

Working with Adrian, he was able to tell me exactly what to do in the gym to achieve the body I wanted.  Not only that, he was very patient and guided me through my nutrition so I knew what to eat and what to stay away from.  The sessions were hard but I started seeing lines on my abs with just 3 weeks of training! I totally trust him on his professional knowledge. Last but not least, the workouts with Adrian were always super fun, it’s truly enjoyable for a person who hates getting bored in gym like me.”

Investment Banker

​​“After just 7 days, I'm already starting to see results. Slowly but surely, I'm getting my momentum back. As far as the classes go, I think the circuits are challenging and I definitely always feel like I've gotten a good workout. "

IT Professional 

​​“When I started with Adrian, I was reading a lot of material relating to health and fitness.  Not only that, I was already going to the gym 3-4 times a week doing the recommended programs in the articles and magazines.  Despite that, I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. Adrian was able to customize my program based on my physical conditions and traveling schedule. He taught me how to exercise with proper technique as well as write workouts for me to do at my own time.  He also provided great advice on lifestyle and nutrition to round out my program.


It has been expensive as well as a lot of hard work, but I think it’s worth it because not only do I feel the dramatic change in my body but my friends have commented on the results too!

Investment Banker

​​“As you can imagine, I am incredibly happy with progress so far. There is a good structure in the sessions and you make sure that this structure is visible to me as well. For example, I think it's good to see you make various measurements and return to some exercises as to measure progress. Also, I enjoy it if you provide me with additional "educational" input in why we do certain exercises such as the mentioning of the hormonal release upon various exercises. Please keep that coming.


Lastly, I think you are a very good in motivating people. it's difficult to find a session where you were not in a good mood. I will be very happy to refer people to you and LGN and you can always ask me for a referral, in case someone needs it.

Working Professional in HK

​​“I have been exercising most of my life and always looking for new ways to challenge me and keep me on track. I was bored with my exercise regime and therefore kept falling off the wagon until i found the Thinner Winner program This program was different from any others that i had tried before. It had exercise classes, nutrition (the non starving kind) and group support. The support element both from other participants and the trainers made it a lot easier to keep to the regime. This coupled with the cheat meals made it an easy lifestyle change.


The classes themselves are always fun, challenging and supportive with each class being completely different on a day to day basis. These type of classes fit my need for change and to challenge myself, who knew exercise could be so much fun! After completing the program i have been able to keep to the lifestyle change with no issues and have signed up to train with LGN on a regular basis as i love the classes so much. Highly recommend this program for anyone who is wanting to either start a new healthy lifestyle or to seek an alternative to the one they already lead.”