Our goal is to make YOU Look Good Naked while being a working executive and juggling the kids at home

Look Good Naked was started by Adrian Li, and ex-IBD Investment Banker in 2009. He was tired all the time from long hours behind the desk, drinking with his friends and not getting enough sleep. Going back to his roots of be an elite triathlete and his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, he started working with finance people and corporate lawyers. Understanding his own stress Adrian was able to formulate a plan for those hang-over workouts or post printer sessions. He slowly collected tips and tricks that could “hack” fat loss and muscle gain into high powered working professionals. Since then, he has pass on this knowledge to his trainers which has then turned into Look Good Naked, Hong Kong.

Mission Statement:
We’re based in Central Hong Kong, one of the business cities in the World. We understanding the pressure from work, home and social lives. Our mission is for our clients to lose weight, gain muscles and still enjoy life




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